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Rules concerning submission, review and publication of manuscripts

1.1. The journal publishes materials that have not been previously published and are not intended for simultaneous publication elsewhere. By submitting an article, the author warrants that the material is original and that this material will not be submitted for publication to other scientific journals (to third parties).

1.2. All manuscripts submitted to the journal are peer reviewed with the focus on the following issues:

If necessary, the articles will be returned to the authors for revision. Upon revision, the authors must submit to the editorial office a new printout and an updated electronic version of the manuscript.  Reviews are kept at the editorial office for three years from the date they were signed by the reviewer.

1.3. The editorial office will send the author a copy of the review or a reasoned refusal to publish.

1.4. In case of refusal to publish, the editorial office will inform the author about the reasons for rejecting the article. The main reasons for rejection may include: insufficient relevance of the topic, the lack of scientific novelty, insufficient significance of the conclusions and practical recommendations, as well as other valid reasons for which the material submitted, in the opinion of the editorial board, is of no interest to the readers of the journal.

1.5. The editorial office will not discuss the merits and drawbacks of the article and will not engage in other correspondence relating to the materials submitted (whether accepted or not). Submitted materials are transferred to the archive of the editorial office and will not be returned.

1.6. The journal does not charge authors for publication of their materials. No fees are paid to authors.

1.7. Manuscripts submitted for consideration to the editorial office should be prepared in accordance with the Manuscript Preparation Guidelines. Articles that do not follow the requirements of the Guidelines will not be accepted or reviewed.